VL-056 - QE-2 - The Second Wave of Stimulus



These two brown haired beauties have already undergone round one of the stimulus.  Now it's time for round two.  First virgin KylieJo...bound arms overhead and forced to beg for cock while she bats those baby browns.  Then over the knee spanked before a smooth penetrating bottom oiling that prepares her to get fucked hard in the ass.  She is hog tied and ball gagged...then rolled into position and fucked.  A squeal and a bark when that cock hammers that ass...then some desperate leg kicking when that squirt of warm fluid to the back of her throat causes a little panic.  Next Kristina....The poor girl is bound kneeling in the most uncomfortable position in her party dress and heels.  A posture collar and head harness help to improve her posture.  The riding crop is used to keep control over the subject as she is stripped and fondled.  Then she preys for cock dutifully with the assistance of the prayer collar until it spews down her innocent young throat.  She is hung upside down and flogged before being left for later. 

Video length: 1 hour 41 minutes and 9 minutes of previews.

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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How could any man not love KylieJo? Those innocent, pleading eyes; that silky, soft hair, firm natural breasts, and a body that just has to be fondled. Lots of fondling, fucking, and sucking here. But the highlight for me was when she climaxed so intensely on the vibrator. She cums magnificently. Kristina is gorgeous too and exquisite dessert after the KylieJo entree. Don't miss the previews. There's lots more where these two came from.


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