VL-057 - Tory's Tied Torment



Sometimes the best bondage models are found just walking down the street.  Or in this case....the back alley....where she shouldn't be going alone at night.  The photographers assistant on his smoke break picks up on her mistake and takes advantage of the opportunity to get his dick sucked.  Only first he has to capture her and bring her in to his boss so he can tie her up and do her up.  She prays for cock, gets a work bench work out and a blow and bop that lead her to believe she is all finished....so she runs for the door....only he runs her down and hauls her ass back for phase 2 of the torment.  First she is flogged for attempting escape, then she is taken to bed the hard way.  Spread eagle face up....spread eagle face down....lubricant injected up her ass and fucked like a whore in the butt.  She'll feel all warm for a few days after this. 

Video Length:  1 hour 26 minutes plus 33 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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Tory's best so far, and they are all pretty great. Her hair is long in this one, beautiful and shiny. It adds to her innocence and to my arousal. She is world class at whining and pleading, but it's that sweet face and tight little body that really make her one of the very best anywhere on the internet. She is fondled, groped, punished, trained, and fucked in all holes. If you enjoy this site at all, you have to own this one.


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