VL-069 - Hippie Trails


Dani and Dixie star in this hip bitch pick punish and poke presentation. First Dani, those hippie clothes and that hippie doo were designed for one purpose. To get the hippie studs humping. Unfortunately she's gone off course. Her cell connection to the hippie hangout isn't working, and the dude who's property she is trespassing on is reacting to her outfit.....and her attitude. A run down, chain drag, hang up, buckboard binding, head dunking, deck washing, hog tie, blow suck, wrist to ankle banging before butt plug and box up will straighten her out. Love that little girl squeal. Next Dixie, that tight black body hugging mini is clearly designed to induce a semi psychosis in the male viewer. She'll need to be whipped for it. But not before being hung upside down. The eye bulging she experiences from the head rush and the ball gag is nothing compared to the eye bulging she experiences when that gag reflex forces a body clutch that fails to keep fluid from squirting down her throat. A good bare ass and bare breast flogging should help to relieve her stress. Nice legs. Kick ass shit!

Video length: 1 hour 32 minutes.

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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