VL-071 - Closing the Deal


Real estate agent Spring gives up her ass to close the deal on this property. Unfortunately it wasn't her decision. He used ropes and gags to get her done up right so she can cash in on the big fat commission. Pounding on the table during negotiations might have helped. But the mouth washing she gets after and the sincere thank you reveal her true success. Then Pandora. One fine black animal. After hanging on tight while her feet try to find purchase she is knelt on the ground and fed. Apparently she doesn't like the taste much but it will get her a higher price. After nearly choking on her meal she is whipped to improve her posture. The ripples on her black bottom are all the customer needs to see to know that he'll be getting his money worth out of this package when he gets her home. Kick Butt Stuff!

Video length: 1 hour 41 minutes and 13 minutes of previews.

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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